Superfecta bet

Superfecta bet
to spot is a more economical way of playing the superfecta while building in coverage. In he above scenario, lets say your winning 1 superfecta ticket paid 1,000. Superfecta Betting Reference 1 Superfecta Box 3 horses 254 fixed tips price 6 4 horses 24 5 horses 120 6 horses 360 7 horses Superfecta Full Wheel with N Horses Read as 1 with N Horses 3 horses 6 (1.

If you 254 fixed tips price struggle to hit an exacta - where you need to predict just the first two finishers - its understandable to view picking the first four finishers in order as an impossible dream. Superfecta Wheel Bet A Superfecta Wheel bet is picking sets of horses to finish first, second, third and fourth. For example, if you like four horses in the race, you can box them and it will cost you just.40 for a 10-cent base wager or 24 for a 1 ticket. Place a straight superfecta, superfecta wheel or superfecta box. You must click the blue "Box" button.

Superfecta Bet, explained - Superfecta Box - Superfecta Wheel

The total cost of a superfecta wheel keying your main horse in first and second with five other horses to finish in the remaining three positions would be 120. You have reduced your costs by 760 (840 - 80) while also having a great shot at getting the superfecta.

This bet improves your chances of winning because you can choose more than 4 espn ncaa football pick em horses and order doesnt matter. Despite the obvious inefficiencies of superfecta box betting, it remains bravo fixed matches pictures the most popular form of superfecta wagering among casual players and even decent handicappers, primarily because it requires very little mental effort. A winning superfecta bet can result in an enormous payout.

A 1 box of all possible winning superfecta combinations in an 8-horse field would cost you 1,680. See example superfecta cost tables below. But if horse Dan ends up first, second or third the bet would lose. Note that a superfecta box bet requires any order of 4 or more horses. A Superfecta Bet is picking horses to finish first, second, third and fourth. Superfecta Part Wheel Put one or more horses in one key with your own sets of horses in the remaining keys. For example you bet horses James, Ted, Chris and Larry. Betonline, join Now, betonline Review 50 up to 1,000 First Deposit Bonus - Code.

Advanced bettors could place a, superfecta, wheel bet by choosing more than one horse to finish in a each position. Total cost for 168 of the most probable 1 superfecta combinations 168.

You could also key the 1 horse in a 1 superfecta wheel in the second position with any of 2,6,7,8,9 to finish first, third and fourth at a similar cost. Example Ticket: A 5 Horse Superfecta Box on Horses means you are betting 1 that any combination horses 6, 1, 8, 3 or 7 will finish first, second, third or fourth in any order. Remember, final order does not matter. Superfecta betting offers bettors the chance at a life-changing score for a moderate outlay of cash. Again, divide by five or 10 if you are playing.20.10 superfecta tickets respectively.

Superfecta Bet, learn All About It in Our Complete Guide

In the superfecta bet above scenario you have played the two horses identified by your handicapping as the most probable winners to finish first and second and first and third in the superfecta with adibet prediction site generator your other contenders in the. Lifebonus, first, lets define a superfecta bet. A 1 6-horse superfecta box covering 360 combinations would cost you 360 ( ).

The superfecta is a type of wager in USA and Canada parimutuel bet ticket 1x2 cards betting in which the bettor, in order to win, must pick the first four finishers of a race in the correct sequence. In the days of pool scooping, you would also play your above three horses with ALL in all remaining spots, to in an effort to cover as many combinations as possible.

The fourth horse has 12:1 odds. So the order of finish is 8-2-4-5.

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